Colonizing Black Holes

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Black Holes are amongst the most destructive things in the Universe, but it may be that properly utilized, they might be the best places in the galaxy to live around in the future, and possibly right here in our own solar system too.
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Outward Bound: Colonizng Black Holes
Episode 187, Season 5 E21

Written by:
Isaac Arthur
Jerry Guern

Darius Said
Keith Blockus
Matthew Acker
S. Kopperud

Cover Art:
Jakub Grygier

Graphics by:
Bryan Versteeg
Fishy Tree
Jeremy Jozwik
Justin Dixon
Ken York
Sergio Botero

Produced & Narrated by:
Isaac Arthur

Music Manager:
Luca DeRosa –

Markus Junnikkala, “Hail the Victorious Dead”
Aerium, “The islands moved while I was asleep”
Lombus, “Amino”
Stellardrone, “Ultra Deep Field”
Kai Engel, “Endless Story About Sun and Moon”
Evan King, “Singularity”

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